Why You Absolutely Need the Tesla Model S

Image via Wikimedia Commons

There are many benefits to getting an electric car, ranging from the simple cool-factor of driving in the vehicle of the future, to cutting down dramatically on fuel costs, and reducing your carbon footprint.

But for all those benefits which apply to electric cars across the board, there are certain key reasons why you might want to take the plunge and invest in a Tesla Model S.

Here are a few of those reasons.

Bragging rights

There’s no electric car quite as universally well known, and with quite the mythic aura surrounding it, as the Tesla. By owning a Tesla Model S you get the bragging rights that come with investing in Elon Musk’s vision for the future.

You also get to enjoy the instant recognition, interest, and curiosity of those you bring it up with in conversation. There’s a certain sense of being on the cutting edge with comes with the territory of driving a Tesla, and with that comes the bragging rights.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s a pretty car, available in a range of ceramic paint coatings.

Access to the world’s fastest charging stations

One of the key concerns among many new electric car buyers is the fear that they might find themselves running out of juice at a bad time, and either being stranded in the middle of nowhere, or having to wait for hours at a charging station before getting back on the road.

Fortunately for the Tesla Model S owner, they have the privilege of using the renowned Tesla Supercharger charging stations.

Not only are Tesla Superchargers the world’s fastest charging stations — boasting the ability to get your car ready for 170 miles of travel within as little as 30 minutes — but they are also positioned in convenient locations such as near shopping complexes or service stops.

Just be sure to check your map in advance to see where they are, as there are by no means an unlimited number of them around.

100% first year allowance

With a Tesla Model S, you’re able to claim a 100% year-one deduction on the car, assuming you use it as a company car.

For the self-employed, or entrepreneurs out there, this can be a great incentive for finally making the plunge and picking up one of these vaunted vehicles.

Feeding the need for speed

There are no two ways about it, the Tesla Model S is simply fast, with top speeds of 139.9-155.3mph. The internet abounds with videos of the Tesla Model S taking on cars such as the Ferrari 458 in head-to-head races, and coming out on top.

If you’ve been put off buying an electric car because you heard they were slow and clunky, you’re a few generations behind the curve. The Tesla Model S is more than able to put your reservations to bed.

Saving the environment

This is a predictable point to make about electric cars in general, but it’s still valid and worth making. In a time of ecological crisis, being a part of the solution rather than the problem is a good feeling.

What’s more, by purchasing a Tesla, you’re directly contributing to Elon Musk’s wider efforts to introduce sustainable, ecologically friendly transport, in all its various forms.

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