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Electric Car spokesman knows nothing about Electric Cars

Check out this video, and statements in question start at 1:20:

According to Phil Lebow, auto industry journalist for CNBC, the Dodge EV is a Range Extended Electric Vehicle that gets 40 miles all electric, and then switches on a gasoline generator, just like the Chevy Volt.  Wrong.  The Dodge EV is a pure electric vehicle that gets 150-200 miles per charge.  You think the guy would have looked under the hood to see if there was a gasoline engine generator before he went on network TV. He also claims the Tesla Roadster is “extremely limited” hinting to the range. A 220 mile range is phenomenal for a sports car of that caliber, whereas in a combustion engine supercar, you can burn through 30 gallons in 7 minutes. And honestly, who has the back to drive a supercar for over 220 miles in one sitting. C’mon you’re better than that.  CNBC, if you need a guy to cover electric vehicles, call me up.

[edit: Ok maybe he was referring to the Tesla Roadster as limited in quantity.  Still, unless Chrysler is secretly changing its plans, the Dodge EV will not employ a gasoline powered range extender.]

Here’s a better review of the Dodge EV from MotorTrend.

Awesome Video of Dodge EV smoking a Challenger

In this video from the Los Angeles Times you see the superior acceleration that comes from an electric motor. While the Challenger sports a 425 hp HEMI engine; the Dodge EV, as well as every electric car, has full torque over the entire RPM range. I always love seeing these drag races between electric drivetrain cars and internal combustion engine vehicles. While the weight of the battery back hinders EVs, you have to realize how much an electric car doesn’t need: exhaust system, intake, engine cooling system, oil, gas tank, a big heavy engine, and a complicated transmission. And an electric drivetrain uses just 12 moving parts, and efficiency at the wheels is roughly 90%. Gas engines have hundreds of moving parts that have to endure extreme heat and friction, leaving the efficiency at a measly 20%. With all the advances in electronics over the past 20 years, electric vehicles have limitless potential, while combustion vehicles have pretty much reached their peak. This drag race is a good demonstration of that fact.

The Dodge EV is part of Chrysler’s ENVI program that is currently developing three electric vehicles.