Electric Car spokesman knows nothing about Electric Cars

Check out this video, and statements in question start at 1:20:

According to Phil Lebow, auto industry journalist for CNBC, the Dodge EV is a Range Extended Electric Vehicle that gets 40 miles all electric, and then switches on a gasoline generator, just like the Chevy Volt.  Wrong.  The Dodge EV is a pure electric vehicle that gets 150-200 miles per charge.  You think the guy would have looked under the hood to see if there was a gasoline engine generator before he went on network TV. He also claims the Tesla Roadster is “extremely limited” hinting to the range. A 220 mile range is phenomenal for a sports car of that caliber, whereas in a combustion engine supercar, you can burn through 30 gallons in 7 minutes. And honestly, who has the back to drive a supercar for over 220 miles in one sitting. C’mon you’re better than that.  CNBC, if you need a guy to cover electric vehicles, call me up.

[edit: Ok maybe he was referring to the Tesla Roadster as limited in quantity.  Still, unless Chrysler is secretly changing its plans, the Dodge EV will not employ a gasoline powered range extender.]

Here’s a better review of the Dodge EV from MotorTrend.

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