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On the Th!nk Ox

Think Ox

The Think Ox (the company now spells it Th!nk, though…confusingly) is a 5-seat, fully electric, concept vehicle set to be released by 2010/11 in the Asian, European, and North American marketplaces. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 8.5 seconds (nothing spectacular, but peppy); and a single charge will allow you to travel 125 to 155 miles.

Think Ox

The design seems absolutely perfect for the American market (except for that ridiculous rear window). They keep the simple dimensions and curves of popular modern compact cars, but they have a slight edge to them, similar to the hugely popular Toyota Scion line. I’m glad to see the electric vehicle industry has stopped trying to break down the concept of traditional exterior design. Otherwise we’d still be getting electric cars like we did in the 90’s:

Corbin Sparrow

How far we’ve come. By the way, you can visit the site of the company that heaved this thing.