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The Genovation GXE is the World’s Fastest Street Legal Electric Vehicle

And by fastest, we mean the top speed of the GXE is faster than any other electric car you can put on the road.  The folks over at Genovation gutted a 2006 Corvette ZO6 and dropped two, huge, in-line electric motors to give the all electric drivetrain 600 horsepower and 570 ft/lbs of torque.  It’s called a “dual stack” electric motor, with two motors on the same driveshaft. They recently took the super modified Vette for a spin at Kennedy Space center in Cape Canaveral, Florida in hopes of pushing their own land speed record to the max.  They succeeded in blowing past their previous world record of 186.8 mph to the new top speed of 205.6 mph.  The company plans to sell these modified Corvettes with about a 100 mile range for over $330,000.  A little steep, but maybe they can lower the price point in future projects, much like Tesla Motors did.

Genovation isn’t just a bunch of guys into modding and drag racing, but they have a large scale goal is to reduce our dependence on oil by investing in plug-in electric vehicles and hybrid technology.  Not only that, but the Maryland based company intends to use parts made of sustainable materials such  tires made from natural rubber infused with small amounts of orange peel oil, a byproduct of the beverage industry, for example.

We are studying the possibility of using composite materials made from natural, non-toxic and renewable products, such as soy-based resins rather than petrochemical resins and natural fibers made from basalt (derived from volcanic rock), jute, bamboo and burlap for trim pieces and body panels. Customers will have the option to order seat fabric made from wool. -Genovation’s About Us Page

Hopefully, Genovation will continue to push the limits of the electric automobile industry for the benefit of all involved and interested.

Here is a basic overview of their company and history:

The Story of Genovation Cars from Genovation Cars on Vimeo.