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On the Renault TREZOR Electric GT

I guess we can call this the “jewelry box” car.  That is the term that the Renault spokesman used to explain how the supercar opens up for the driver to hop in.

You can check out the 2016 Paris Motor Show reveal here:

I have a couple of qualms about the “jewelry box” style entry. First, if you were to get in a minor fender bender, that might affect this very large door that must move extremely precisely to function properly.  Second, unless you are just some well-practiced  good old boy who prefers jumping into your getaway car through your driverside window, getting into your TREZOR is awkward, unclean (shoes on the seat), and maybe downright impossible for the less limber driving enthusiast.

Because of these issues, I can almost guarantee the most distinguishing feature about this car, the “door”, will probably not come to fruition in the production model of this concept.  However, the overall design is very nice and the specs are encouraging.  The Trezor was derived from Renault’s Formula E team (e.dams) with racing aspirations.  The Trezor has 350 HP and a peak torque of 280 NM, which propels the coupe to 100 kph in under 4 seconds.  The Trezor will also include automatic drive that will be activated by pulling the wheel outward to make it widescreen style.

Not too much is known about the specifics of the drivetrain, but evidently the Trezor is rear-wheel drive with the battery and luggage compartment in the front.

This video has some nice design sketches that can answer some questions about the setup and inspiration of the vehicle.
A lot of people are excited about this unique addition into the electric supercar foray.  With it’s Renault Formula E pedigree, the Trezor Electric GT could be the most capable track tested electric car yet.