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I have some more info on BG Automotive and an official press release. The official name of their upcoming NEV will be the BG C100. While the first C100 will be available in November of this year, the vehicles will not be ready to be delivered to the mass market until the first quarter of 2009. The BG 100 will be a low-speed vehicle, but it will be the safest NEV on the market, with duel airbags and a heavy steel body, as opposed to fiberglass, plastic, or carbon fiber. For more information go to www.bgelectriccars.com.

Official Press Release: Oct. 3, 2008

First Mass-Produced Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Available for Sale in North America

PHILADELPHIA, October 3, 2008 – The future of transportation has arrived, and the outlook is even greener than before: it’s safe, affordable and electric. With the release of the new neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV), the C100, BG Automotive Group, Ltd. (BG) is giving a hopeful solution to the energy crisis in today’s economy. As gas prices rise people are forced to choose between buying gas and food or prescription drugs. A solution is now available to curb our dependence on foreign oil, and BG Automotive Group, Ltd. is now ready to market the C100 for delivery first quarter 2009.

“Rising gas prices and the state of the economy make it the right time to introduce the C100, America’s first mass produced Neighborhood Electric Vehicle,” said Barry Bernsten, president of BG Automotive Group. “There is a growing demand for fuel-free vehicles and the C100 addresses those demands.”

These cars are both environmentally sensitive and cost-efficient, starting at just $15,995 and ranging up to $17,995 depending on options and battery configuration. The C100 is a four-door, five-passenger hatchback that produces no noise, no emissions and no pollution. Currently, no other company offers NEVs that will be mass-produced and can be purchased by consumers at such a low price.

Depending upon the state, the C100 is legal to travel on roads with posted speed limits of 35-45 mph. It takes approximately eight hours to charge using a 110-volt outlet (four hours with a 220-volt outlet), meaning it can be plugged into any outlet without special equipment. BG also offers a rapid-charging device that reduces charging time by 50%. The car will be able to travel 50-120 miles per charge depending on the vehicle’s battery configuration and driving conditions.

This NEV can seat five passengers comfortably and is available in black, white, silver, red, blue, yellow, olive green, lime green and copper. In addition to dual airbags, each model comes fully loaded with modern comforts such as climate control, AM/FM stereo and CD player. Each car will also have an in-dash 8G
i-Phone (upgrade to 16G is available) for music, navigation and hands free telephone capabilities. Other similar branded devices will be available for installation in the C100 in-dash charging units.

The C100 is ideal for individuals that reside in shore and golf communities or other suburban areas with travel needs that are close to home. Parking authority attendants and other governmental agencies also find this as an ideal eco-friendly vehicular alternative. In fact many states are adapting new legislation that require a specific percentage of their fleets to be electric.

At the current cost of gas1, if consumers drive 10,000 miles in an EV they will save an average of $2,000 per year. Hybrid vehicles are currently priced around $23,000 to $75,000—and require gas to operate and consequently still emit pollutants into the air. Not only are hybrids more expensive, but also are more harmful to the environment. As far as paying for electricity—electric cars cost 2-3 cents per mile to operate. If a consumer travels 20 miles per day for 30 days at $0.03/mile, that is equivalent to paying $18 in electricity costs per month.

The C100 is both cost efficient and safe. If a customer is not completely satisfied with the C100, BG Automotive Group will offer a full money-back guarantee on all its NEVs.

BG is committed to the manufacturing, continued development and advancement of the world’s safest NEVs. Equipped with dual airbags, the C100 is the safest Neighborhood Electric Vehicle currently in production, exceeding all Department of Transportation/National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (DOT/NHTSA) requirements.

“BG did not want to meet the minimum safety requirements, we wanted to exceed them,” said Bernsten. BG is committed to producing the safest NEV in the world.

The first C100 will be available early November 2008. For more information and to reserve your car, visit BGelectricCars.com. A schedule of where to test drive and view the C100 will be available on the website in the near future.

BG AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, LTD.: BG Automotive Group, Ltd. is committed to the manufacturing, continued development and advancement of the world’s safest electric vehicles. The company has leveraged 33 years of International Trading and Industrial Project Development to secure manufacturing contracts and financing necessary to make NEVs an affordable, mass-produced reality for the US consumer. For more information please visit BGelectricCars.com.

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  1. I would buy one today if it would reach speeds of 55 mph. I will have to wait for the faster commuter version in late 2009.

  2. You hve a very nice looking car. I do wnt an electric car, but one that will go at least 100 miles plus on a single charge and one that will reach at least 60 MPH. Can this be done with your car? If so, I believe the public will be ready to buy it.

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