The Facts About Hybrid Cars

For those who have never read about them or looked into buying one, hybrid cars remain a bit of a mystery. Generally, people are aware that hybrid cars run with electricity, and that they provide excellent gas mileage and are better for the environment than ordinary cars. However, these facts fail to address the true details and functions of hybrid cars. To better understand the significance of hybrids, here are three must-know facts.

1. Hybrids Still Use Gasoline

Though the word “hybrid” itself implies a combination of functions, many people are still under the false impression that hybrid cars are the same as electric cars. In fact, however, hybrid cars still do use gasoline, in addition to rechargeable batteries. The combination of these different factors does lead to increased efficiency and reduced fuel emissions. In fact, many hybrids give you up to 50-60 miles per gallon, and a single rechargeable battery can last you about 100,000 miles. However, it is important to remember that some gasoline is still involved.

2. Batteries Recharge During Use

When most people hear the phrase “rechargeable battery” they instantly picture plugs and cords. However, hybrid cars do not recharge their batteries this way – once again, the idea of plugs is a misconception that is meant instead to apply to electric cars. Hybrids instead recharge through their own operation. Typically, when you use your brakes, your car automatically replenishes electric power in your battery, meaning that you are actively recharging your battery even as you drive. Batteries won’t last forever this way, but as mentioned previously they can often give you up to 100,000 miles before needing replacement.

3. Efficiency Does Not Sacrifice Power

While it is true that some of the older models of hybrid cars, and some of the cheaper versions that remain on the market, can sacrifice some degree of power, hybrids are not necessarily weaker or slower than gasoline alternatives. Some modern hybrid models can even exceed 300 horsepower (such as the Lexus LS 600h, among others), and most any hybrid can still reach any speed you could possibly require in an efficient and stable manner.

Ultimately, if you are considering purchasing a hybrid, you may find that owning one is quite comparable to owning a normal car. You will still have to apply regular maintenance, secure an insurance policy, and even stop for gasoline on occasion. However, the extensive benefits offered by hybrid technology – most notably the combination of battery power and gasoline that is efficient both for the environment and your finances – make these cars well worth exploring.

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