Tesla Model Y will be a Crossover SUV

During Tesla’s first quarter financial results meeting, Elon Musk gave a sneak peak of the upcoming Model Y, which will be a fully electric crossover SUV on a completely new drivetrain/battery setup. A crossover is meant to be a mixture of a sedan and a full size SUV, so the Model Y will likely take a lot of stylistic influence from the Model X, including the falcon doors. Other than that, really not much is known yet about this upcoming vehicle, but it will likely be released around 2020 at a price point slightly above Tesla’s economy model that will start rolling out later this year, the Model 3. Add in Tesla’s longest running legacy model, the Model S, the four electric vehicles in Tesla’s fleet coincidentally spell S E X Y. Not sure if that is Elon Musk being cheeky, or complete serendipitous fortune.

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