Tango vs. Tesla Roadster Drag Race

I’m not an expert on drag racing jargon (“beat the dial handicap so he lost the competition”??) so here is the commentary from video submitter, jorgbrown:

On Nov 30th, the fastest production electric vehicles in the U.S. went head-to-head. While their first meeting had a number of issues, most notably the underfilled Tango battery pack, and the Tesla’s non-upgraded drivetrain, the 1/4 mile time is quite close and indicative of races to come.

In this race, the Tango got 92.15mph in 14.480 seconds, beating its 14.7 “dial” handicap and thus losing the competition; the Tesla got 101.23mph in 14.666 seconds, slower than its 14.5 “dial” handicap and allowing it to proceed to the next round. (Two rounds later, the Tango’s driver got behind the wheel of the Tesla and also beat its “dial” handicap… and thus lost!)

3 thoughts on “Tango vs. Tesla Roadster Drag Race”

  1. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bracket_racing for a decent description of dial-in time. The basic idea is, drag racing is no fun if the top 3 or 4 cars in an area win every contest, so you allow for a handicap on the slower cars. Then, for the race, the car with the larger handicap gets a head start, and the driver who crosses the finish line first wins. There’s still good chance for competition; each driver has to minimize their own reaction time (the time between their start light going green, and when they actually cross the start line), and each driver has to shift appropriately to get down the track as fast as they can. To prevent a driver from giving themselves too much of an advantage through the handicap time, if the time it takes from leaving the start line, to crossing the finish line, is faster than the claimed handicap time, the driver is disqualified.

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