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On the VentureOne

To give you an idea of what the VentureOne is, this is a TopGear video on the Vandenbrink Carver, which is a three wheeled vehicle that utilizes a unique tilting action to turn. See for yourself:

Interestingly, the Carver is about $60,000, and the electric/hybrid VentureOne is targeted to be between $18,000 and $25,000 using this same tilting technology. Seems like a lofty goal; and this concept had been in the works for years with nothing more than a computer generated image, up until now. I was starting to lose hope, but the VentureOne was finally unveiled at the 2008 New York Auto Show in the Automotive X Prize entries and it looks good:


They are projecting the two-seater wlll have a 0-60 of 7 seconds and a top speed of about 100 mph. The vehicle will come in three models, two hybrids and a full ev:
VentureOne Models

VentureOne Vehicles plans to release in California initially in 2010 because they have more lenient 3 wheeled vehicle laws. Hopefully, this car comes to fruition, because it is a very exciting electric concept at a reasonable price. You can find out more about VentureOne at FlytheRoad.com and actually participate in the vehicle’s development in their forums. For example, members actually participated in deciding the final design. Neat idea.