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On the Ultimate Aero EV

Ultimate Aero

Shelby SuperCars, or SSC, is an American supercar company founded by Jarod Shelby. The automaker and founder have no relation to Shelby Automobiles, the performance Mustang outfitter. However they have built up a recent amount of publicity of their own with the Ultimate Aero, the current Guinness World Record holder for fastest production car. A cool video on that here. The EV version will likely be an exact replica, but replacing the twin turbo V8 with one or two powerful electric motors; they have not decided. Nor have they decided whether to make the car rear or all-wheel drive, which will most likely be determined by the electric motor configuration. But they do believe the car will be finished and delivered as early as the end of 2009. Oh yeah, there’s rumors that they have come up with a miraculous power source that allows years between charges.

Basically, they haven’t put anything together yet, but they are already claiming to have the most powerful electric car in the world, even though the company has no experience with electric vehicles. Coincidentally, they are now accepting outside capital from celebrities and A-list financiers. Hmm. This article best describes my feelings right now. Although, the nature of electric automobiles recently seems to be that you are more likely to see a fantastic one that breaks speed records, than a standard ev for under $40,000.