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A Weekend With The Toyota Prius Hybrid

Prius V


We wanted to find out how the Toyota Prius Hybrid performs over a standard weekend for city dwellers. So, we contacted a supplier and arranged to borrow a model for three days. After picking the car up on Friday, we had to spend around half an hour reading the manual to ensure we knew how to keep it running. Of course, hybrid models have to be charged at specialist points around the country. That meant we had to download a map of all the nearest charging stations and electric points. As you will discover, the Prius is a fantastic car that more people should consider.


We drove the car for around one-hundred miles during the weekend it was in our possession. At no point did the driver or passenger feel uncomfortable. We found that this was the case, even after more than three hours in the vehicle. The model we borrowed came with leather seats as standard. However, some of the cheaper editions are made with other materials. To be honest, we don’t think it would have made much difference either way. The seats are designed to support your back and ensure you don’t feel pain in your legs on long journeys. Out of ten, we give the Prius a nine rating for comfort.


Our team became concerned about reliability when we looked at the number of charging stations. There were quite a few in our local area, but some towns and cities were severely lacking. Thankfully, we didn’t run out of charge at any point. Planning our route to ensure we passed lots of charging stations probably explains why that happened. However, as more people purchase the cars, garages will have no alternative but to install the right equipment. Of course, hybrid models can run solely on standard fuel. It just didn’t make sense to use a hybrid model in that manner. Out of ten, we give the Prius an eight rating for reliability.


You only have to search online to see the Toyota Prius hybrid has a fantastic safety record. We added some snow tyres and made sure there was enough antifreeze in the boot to keep us going. However, we needn’t have worried because the car never presented a problem. Stopping times are perfect, and the cold weather didn’t pose a problem. The model we borrowed came with a driver, passenger, and rear airbag as standard. So, we felt completely safe travelling around the country. Out of ten, we give the Prius a nine rating for safety.


After spending a weekend with the Toyota Prius hybrid, it became clear we were dealing with one of the best cars of its kind. Anyone who’s looking to buy an economical model this year should give it some serious consideration. It’s ideal for commuting around large busy cities because you won’t use a lot of petrol. Also, it can reach average speeds for a car of its size, and so driving on the motorway is enjoyable. The only quibble we have is with the price. The range starts from just over £21,000, and that seems a little expensive. Hopefully, prices will begin to drop as more people become interested in hybrid models.