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This would solve everything.


Video Rendering of the Maglev System

This is the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Superhighway. This is a rail system of magnetically levitated containers that can carry people, cars, freight, and well, pretty much anything at high speed. The containers will travel like packets of data travel over the internet, mathematically spaced for optimal speed and efficiency. The rails will be built along America’s interstate freeway system, all 54,000 miles. Along the entire rail line will be solar panels and electrolysis stations that will generate “3.4 quadrillion Btu of power.” It solves the American energy crisis for the next 3 decades. Here is a cutaway of how the rail itself will be able to generate power, and carry data, fluid, and electricity across the country through its conduit cluster:
ITC Maglev Rail

The rail system would be constructed of steel to save our wilting steel industry. Because these rail lines are built along the interstate, this inherently creates a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.  And the system is capable of doing so much more than that. Here is the ITC website.

Still not convinced, listen to Timm Finfrock, chairman of ITC and PhD:

“You just go out and build it, and do it, and then let them try to stop you.” pretty good quote

Even better, this company is based in Detroit, Michigan, and I hear that city is looking for jobs.