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Tesla Model S Smashes Modified Mustangs in the Street

1320video ran into the Tesla Racing Channel guy racing his Tesla P100D on the street.  With nothing more than a gutted interior (took off about 500 pounds), and some lightweight seats, this economy-electric car shocked everybody when it went undefeated against a Mustang Cobra, a Twin Turbo 5.0 L Mustang, a couple Nitrous Foxbody Mustangs, and finally a Nissan GT-R. It’s AWD, and insta-torque make for a KILLER street combo, especially when the roads aren’t too great.  You can see how the all wheel drive is a huge advantage in street racing because of all of the debris that accumulates like rocks, dirt, and rubber.

Ironically, the electric family sedan silently breezes past every obnoxiously modified muscle car.  Every race is worth watching, seeing egos get crushed by a stock motor EV with all the interior pulled out.

So if you can’t wait to recoup the premium price you payed to save at the pump, just take your Tesla down to your local street racing league like this guy and hustle some money out of gas gusslers.