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On the Tesla Model X

It seems like Tesla comes out with a new all-electric model every week these days, with the first Model S vehicles hitting the streets last year, and now the introduction of  their new Model X SUV.

The Tesla Model X is built on the Tesla Model S platform, which means the basic drivetrain is the same, with the battery, controller, and motor sitting in the same position.   The basic Model X is rear wheel drive like the S, however, you now have the option to upgrade to front and rear wheel drive. Pictured below is the drivetrain for the optional all-wheel drive model.

The second front mounted motor enables all-weather, all-road capabilities, increases torque by 50%, and horsepower bumps from 362 to 410.  When outfitted with AWD, the Model X Performance accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds, outperforming the fastest SUVs and many sports cars.  The low profile drivetrain also allows for a “frunk,” or a trunk in the front, as well as plenty of passenger and cargo space.

The interior focuses your attention on a giant touchscreen unit in the center console.  Critics say it is less responsive than your cutting edge tablet computer, but definitely navigable.  It does make you wonder, when is big a little too big.  Looks somewhat obnoxious to me.

Tesla claimed last year they would make the base model available for around $30,000 within 5 years, competitive with current not-even-luxury SUVs. This seems hardly believable right now.  If you want to be an early adopter, you’ll pay maybe twice that. You can make your reservation on their website for a mere $5k, which shoots up to $40k for the rare Signature Model.  The concept however, truly is revolutionary.  An SUV with the acceleration of a supercar, the cargo space of a minivan, and hopefully at the price of a BMW X3 or X5 will surely find a market with dual income families with who want to one up the neighbors.