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Solar Company Eyeing GM Prey

While outdated behemoth automakers struggle to survive, cleantech businesses are becoming interested in their valuable assets. One example of this trend was in recent news when German solar cell manufacturer, SolarWorld, recently made a bid on Opel, GM’s European subsidiary. No news on how seriously GM considered the offer, but it is still a significant statement. Here is an excerpt of an interview with chairman of SolarWorld, Frank Asbeck, from an German publication. The rough translation makes it an interesting read:

Schulz: Do you see itself as a savior for Opel?

Asbeck: Yes, well. These are ambitions which I have not directly, but I see the need that in our industrial society gradually rebuilt. Just as it is in the field of alternative energy sources has already begun, must also be rebuilt automotive industry. That means we need to build vehicles of the future: electric motors, hybrid drives. That can not only Japanese manufacturers reserved. We must “Extended Range Vehicles” build, so cars with combined drives from conventional and electric drives. That is the future. This is also already in the minds of developers at Opel, but they must be released from the stranglehold of General Motors.

SolarWorld is hoping to provide electric cars that can be charged with garage mounted solar panels and possibly car roof mounted panels.

Source: The Energy Roadmap