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5 Reasons Why You Should Drive a Renault Zoe Dynamique

Image From Autoviva

What do you do if you want to buy a car that’s cost effective, trustworthy and clean while avoiding a hybrid? Well, there is really only one answer, or one good answer anyway, and that’s the Renault Zoe Dynamique. Renault decided to go all out and make a car that was entirely electric and affordable to ordinary drivers, and the results have really paid off. Here are 5 reasons why we think the Zoe Dynamique is a car every driver should consider.

It’s Electric!

Most electric cars today are out of the reach of most ordinary consumers so this is a really big deal. Hybrids are great and everything but a fully electric car places the Zoe on another plane entirely. And you don’t have to make great sacrifices to go green either. It can go 130 miles after a single charge, but this can be reduced by some factors like weather and temperature.

It’s Incredibly Smooth and Agile

Gearless driving is just one of the great benefits of driving an electric powered car. Not having to shift the gear stick every so often allows for a dramatically smoother drive than any fuel reliant car. Once the battery is charged there’s no holding you back, you’re can cruise to whatever speed you like (within the limit of course!) and feel no shake or wobble. The Zoe Dynamique really does make you rediscover the true pleasure of simply driving in a way only an electric car could.

It’s Very Affordable

Right now you could log onto lifestyleeurope.co.uk and buy a Renault Zoe Dynamique for little more than £10,000. The prices of the Zoe are even more impressive when you factor in the costs you’ll save each week by not buying petrol. It’s a great saving in the short term but an even greater one in the long term. And if you’re buying one new it will cost about £13,000 when you’ve factored in the plug-in car grant offered by the government.

It Has Great Tech

Renault don’t do innovation half-heartedly. Along with the electric engine you get a whole host of other new gadgets and technologies should you choose the Zoe Dynamique. You get Renault’s multimedia system which you can download your own apps for. It also has bluetooth, climate control, touch screen controls and a navigation system. There’s really nothing more you could ask for on the tech front.

It Looks Like the Future

It’s not just the car’s lack of carbon emissions which point to the future, the Zoe Dynamique also looks like it’s just arrive from the future in a time machine. That white, vibrant interior is especially cool. It’s right that it should look this way because, as all hybrid/electric car manufacturers know, the futuristic look sells cars. It’s the kind of car that will catch the eye of any pedestrian strolling past as you drive by in your silent electric wonder.