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Electric Cars Highlight Tokyo Auto Show

Below is The Auto Channel’s coverage of the 2009 Tokyo Auto Show. Unique, compact electric cars were the focus of the event.  First up in the video is the Mazda Kiyora, which actually is not an electric vehicle at all, but is propelled by a Mazda SKY-G highly-efficient 1.3 liter direct injection gasoline engine. It must have been included by mistake, but is nevertheless, a very low-consumption vehicle. The Toyota FT-EV is indeed an electric vehicle that gets 60 miles on a charge and can reach speeds of up to 70 mph. It’s so short, it looks like you could park it perpendicular on the street. The Nissan Leaf, further along than the other concept vehicles, should get you 100 miles on a charge and 87 mph on the highway. The Land Glider is another tilting EV that gets 60 miles on a charge and only achieves a top speed of 40 mph, so irrelevant in other words.