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How the Nissan Leaf is Made

This is an educational video about the production of the Nissan Leaf. The battery, inverter, and electric motor modules are manufactured in Zama and Yokohama, Japan. The parts go to their Oppama plant, where the modules are plugged into the Leaf chassis. The Nissan Leaf rolls off the same production line as Nissan’s regular cars, but they basically “mount a battery instead of a fuel tank, and a motor instead of a gasoline-fueled engine.” Nissan hopes to produce the modules locally, while shipping them off to be assembled into Leafs in countries around the world. Everything looks very high tech and efficient for auto manufacturing, Detroit should take notes.

Fact Sheet: Nissan Leaf

The electric car world is buzzing about the affordable Nissan Leaf, set to go on sale later this year.  Here is a quick rundown of all of the facts you would ever need from Nissan, from dimensions, to charging time, to production plants.

NISSAN Zero-Emission Info

LEAF start of sales: FY2010 in US, Japan and Europe
Mass market globally in 2012
Global Partnerships: 30+
N. American Partnerships State of Oregon, with Portland General Electric
State of Tennessee, with Tennessee Valley Authority & Oak Ridge National Labs
City of Seattle, Wash.
Sonoma County, Calif.
San Diego, Calif.
Tucson, Ariz.
Phoenix, Ariz.
Raleigh, N.C./Progress Energy
Washington, D.C.
Reliant Energy
Vancouver, Canada
Mexico City

EV line-up post-LEAF e-LCV, based on NV200 commercial vehicle
Infiniti premium vehicle, a compact, luxury, high-performance 4-seater
4th entry – new concept

Production Plants: Japan Vehicle: Oppama, starting in fall 2010, production of 50,000 units/yr
Batteries: AESC (Zama) production, capacity of 65,00 units/yr by 2011
Motor: Yokohama
Inverter: Zama

Production Plants: Other Vehicle, Battery: Smyrna, TN, starting in late 2012 (vehicle cap. – 150,000; battery cap. – 200,000)
Battery: Sunderland, U.K., and Portugal

Nissan LEAF Spec Sheet

Length: 4445 mm / 175.0 in.
Width: 1770 mm / 69.7 in.
Height: 1550 mm / 61.0 in.
Wheelbase: 2700 mm / 106.3 in.

Driving range: over 160km/100miles (US LA4 mode)
Max speed (km/h): over 140km/h (over 90mph)

Type: AC motor
Max power (kW): 80kW
Max torque (Nm): 280Nm

Type: Laminated lithium-ion battery
Total capacity (kWh): 24
Power output (kW): over 90
Energy density (Wh/kg): 140
Power density (kW/kg): 2.5
Number of modules: 48
Charging times: Quick charger DC 50kW (0 to 80%): less than 30 min; home-use AC200V charger: less than 8 hrs
Battery layout: Under seat & floor

Recycled materials: LEAF utilizes materials extracted from a wide range of products including plastic bottles and home appliances. The use of these recycled plastic materials makes Nissan LEAF a world-class leader in the use of recycled plastics.