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Evolution of an Electric Supercar (LiV Rush)

This is a cool old video on the Hybrid Technologies, L1X-75:

This car is now known as the LiV Rush and the Hybrid Technologies website says the beast accelerates from 0-60 in 5 to 6 seconds. Really pedestrian when you compare that to the 3.1 second claim in the video from over a year ago. What’s with the fluctuation? This car was really ahead of its time as a purchasable electric supercar. I’d blame its failure to really take off on its plasticky, kit car aura; as recent electric sport cars have more refined, individual looks. Compare and contrast:
Hybrid TechnologiesTesla Roadster

So that’s where Hybrid Technologies’ most recent evolution comes in. Popular Mechanics gives a pretty good overview of their latest concept electric car. Complete with unique exterior and hopefully a 150-180 mile range. With this still unnamed prototype, Hybrid hopes to compete with Tesla and Fisker for supremacy in the American electric supercar market by late 2009.