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Most Important things to know about Electric Cars and Hybrid Cars

Guest post:

Eco friendly, the term has been creating quite a buzz for the past few years, especially in developed countries, these taking upon their shoulders the brunt of accusations levelled at industrialization for the globally inimical effects of development; the environmental activism hype still surging, the message being disseminated by those in power has always revolved around what those individuals with negligible authority on the world stage could do to assuage what many think is a dire situation.

Eco friendly cars have admittedly proven to be quite popular in developed countries, those that aren’t already sporting a hybrid car already making plans to acquire one, if only to attain comfort in travel while reducing their carbon footprints. With all the trepidations regarding Eco friendly vehicles, fears elicited by misinformation, it would behoove anyone intending to go the hybrid or electric way to take into consideration certain factors regarding these new age machines:

  • First of all, hybrids are considerably easy to drive, most people taking a rather skewed view of these vehicles because of the complications of their operations. However most hybrids are equipped with automatic transmissions, many taking advantage of continuously variable transmissions, the driving experience only accentuated by intricate displays detailing the exact amount of power you are using, allowing you some control over the amount of gas you are consuming. It is worth remembering to keep an eye on the road while analysing your battery meter.
  • Hybrid batteries last a considerably longer time than most people assume; the unfounded myth that hybrid batteries require continuous replacement at up to half the cost of the original vehicle is false; chances are by the time you need to replace your battery, it is probably the right time to relinquish ownership of your vehicle.
  • Be it manual transmission models, assisted trucks and luxury vehicles, there is more to the cast of hybrid vehicles than the Prius, this much loved vehicle alongside other Toyota products such as the Lexus currently prevailing in popularity and referred to many as the face of the hybrid world, so much so that most people place little effort in perusing the large varieties of hybrids on the market, designed to meet a diversity of needs.
  • Again despite the myths hybrid cars are capable of generating considerable levels of performance, the variety of models on the market so widespread that even sporty brands such as BMW are providing equally sporty and almost as reliably performing hybrid versions. You do not need to sacrifice economy in favour of performance in acquiring an electric car.
  • Indeed it is difficult to deny the fact that the hybrid’s most unattractive quality is its pricing; hybrid cars have always been priced higher than their fossil fuel powered counterparts and with current hybrid technologies this isn’t a trend that is likely to change any time soon. Yet the question isn’t how expensive hybrids are but whether what you are receiving is value for your money, which is what electric cars offer, a means through which to comfortably traverse distance without impacting the environment.
  • Yes electric cars do have a tendency to come in smaller packages than their gas powered counterparts, thought that doesn’t make them any less safe.

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