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Tips for Driving an Electric Car

Range and battery life are a real concern for a lot of people who drive electric cars.  A lot of them are usually very anxious about driving their electric vehicles for long distances. However, individuals who follow these tips and use their cars appropriately will enjoy a longer battery life, and they will not suffer any anxiety while driving an electric car.

1.      Use apps to scout available charging stations in your route.

A bit of planning will literally help you to go a long way in your electric car. Before driving the electric car, it is important to know all the charging stations within your route. There are a lot of applications that can help you to scout for all available charging stations. These applications can help you to pinpoint a charging station on a map so that you do not find yourself hysterically searching for a charging point as your battery life dwindles towards zero.

2.      Slow down

While driving fast may be desirable, it will also drain your battery and grind you to a halt. Slowing down will impact your battery life, and help you to drive for longer without the need to recharge.

3.      Maintain your electric car

Electric cars are much easier to maintain than their oil-fuelled counterparts. However, a lot of people neglect them, and this can be detrimental on the road. A well-maintained electric car can serve its owner better. It is therefore better to always ensure that the tyre pressure is right, and that the tyres are rotated properly. You should also check the battery frequently, and replace it when necessary. Furthermore, you should follow the manufacturer’s manual and use the maintenance tips outlined there. A lot of driving schools these days, such as, my driving school, advice their students on how to properly maintain an electric car so that it serves them well.

4.      Always use the easy route

If there are two ways to get to a destination, always choose the one that will be less stressful to your car, and ultimately, to you. Avoid roads that are hilly or rocky as the vehicle consumes more battery in order to go through such paths. Always choose lanes and routes that are smoother and easier to drive on. This will help the car to preserve energy so that the driver can use it for longer.

5.      Try not to get lost

This looks like a fool-proof tip, but it is very important. Anyone who is worried about the range that their vehicle can cover should try as much as possible to get to their destination on time. Electric car owners should use all the tools at their disposal, including travel applications, GPS and maps to ensure that they do not waste precious energy trying to find their way.

Electric cars have a lot of benefits as they help their owners to reduce their carbon footprint while saving them a lot of fuel money. It is therefore paramount for electric car owners to follow these tips and more that are outlined in mydrivingschool.com.au, so that their vehicles can serve them well wherever they go.


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