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What Would Convince You To Buy An Electric Car In The Future?

Electric cars are something of a novelty to many people. They seem like a good idea but, in reality, they aren’t. There are many reasons why consumers aren’t falling over themselves to go and buy electric vehicles.

The main reasons are of cost and practicality. If you’re planning on getting a more eco-friendly car soon, what would it take to convince you to buy an electric car?

Today’s blog post highlights some of the things that need to improve or change in the electric car sector. It’s a wish list of sorts, shared by scores of people that want to drive cars without internal combustion engines.

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Lower prices

The biggest turnoff to do with electric vehicles is their costs. Demand for such cars is small. And so manufacturers cannot afford to negotiate better prices with their parts suppliers. That means things like batteries and electric motor costs are sky-high!

The motor industry needs to do more to encourage growth in the electric vehicle sector. For instance, doing more to negotiate better prices on parts so that they can sell more electric cars. And even making a lower profit to encourage sales.

Another problem that is cost-related is the price of replacement batteries. Like conventional batteries, those used by electric vehicles need replacement after a while. The cost to get new ones is ridiculous!

That’s why motorists prefer buying hybrids from places like Motorline Direct than all-electric vehicles.

Better infrastructure

We know that the government has pledged to build more public charging stations for electric cars. After all; range anxiety is a big issue for those that drive cars capable of just 100 miles on a full charge!

Public car parks, for example, all need to have a few charging points for electric vehicle drivers. The last thing people want to do is make more stops than they need to if they have to travel a long distance.

At present, public charging stations are few and far between. The infrastructure needs a bigger overhaul to make buying an electric car a more viable option for consumers.

Better choice

Let’s face it; the market isn’t exactly overrun with electric vehicles! All the major car manufacturers have at least one electric vehicle model. But why do consumers need to stick with a limited choice?

If the industry wants you to buy an electric car, it needs to give you more choice. It’s as simple as that!

For instance, they should consider offering electric versions of existing models. That way, we don’t have to stick with weird-looking models. Not everyone want “futuristic-looking” cars to drive. Some of us prefer to drive cars that are in keeping with today’s automotive styles!

More incentives

What I mean is, more cash incentives! Some of the world’s governments offer a grant towards the cost of buying a brand new electric car. But the grants are limited and small in value. To get people away from conventional petrol and diesel cars, those grants need to be higher value.

If both the world’s governments and the car industry adopts these ideas, there will be more folks driving electric vehicles!