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Top 6 Reasons That Are Stopping the Electric Vehicles From Going Mainstream

Technology has been advancing rapidly in the recent past. In the automobile industry, things have been getting better and better with every day that unfolds.  Electric and hybrid vehicles have now come up with features that are advanced, and you just can’t restrain yourself from. They have high-end performance ability that outperforms the fuel-driven vehicles and rivals. Recently, there was the big announcement from the Faraday as they unveiled an electric car that will only take 2.39 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 97km/h. This is just the beginning; there are numerous other things that electric vehicles will bring along. However, there are still some slight setbacks that stopping the electric vehicles from going mainstream.

BMW Electric Vehicle

Battery cost

Although for the past few years battery cost has been dropping, this is still one of the main reasons electric cars are yet to go mainstream. Once the battery cost hits the $150/kWh mark, then electric vehicles will start becoming as convenient as their petrol and diesel driven cars. Batteries are the main source of power for the electric cars. Therefore improving on its cost, will give consumers reasons to invest in this type of vehicles than the others. Some top models such as GM and Tesla are already taking their designs to the mainstream in anticipation of demand.
Electric Battery Cost

Charging station

Electric vehicles need to be occasionally charged. If you are on the road, and your battery loses charge, then the right thing is to get a charging station nearer. As petrol and diesel stations are widely spread, so should be the charging stations for electric vehicles. This, therefore, has been the main drawback for electric vehicles. However, the problem is getting addressed, and several charging places have been coming up in various public places, shops, and workplaces to ensure that you enjoy the ride with minimum hardships.

Manufacturer’s improvement

Electric vehicles were introduced to the market in 2010 with only two models available back then. In 2016, the number went high to at least 25 models. The number is expected to in the next three years. Although this is a good move towards electric vehicle innovation, still it’s a big problem for the market. There are several buyers out there willing to try out this new machine, but they are not able to do so due to the development speed.

Healthy benefits

Electric vehicles are predicted to be the next generational cars with less environmental pollution.  The fact that they don’t use petrol or diesel means they don’t produce any hazardous chemicals while on the move. There is much debate about how “green” electric vehicles are because of the carbon footprint for producing lithium ion batteries and electricity generation. One thing is not debatable, it’s that electric vehicles emit no carcinogenic and toxic exhaust in the local air that people are likely to breath in. Electric vehicles are also quieter than diesel and petrol fueled vehicles, therefore, minimizing noise pollution too.


Overall the reasons why electric vehicles are not getting mainstream, their price is a key factor. The cost of the vehicles, depends on the range and battery performance. However, the market today has several different models of electric cars that meet the everyday demands with flexible range options.


This is another main reason for the prolonged setback in the innovation market. Finding some of these Porsche accessories is not an easy task. Once you buy an electric car and you can get a spare in times of emergency has been putting most buyers away. However, the manufacturers have been working to ensure that once their models are thoroughly tested and certified, they will have sparsely distributed among several sellers to make sure that all their consumers can access them with minimum hustle.

With all these things in place, then electric vehicles will be ready to replace the automobile industry. Electric cars are safe and convenient. They are the best way of keeping our roads safe once again. They are the best way to define the technological progress in the universe. The automobile industry will additionally make the most out of this innovation with a higher profit rate over few years.