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New Video and Pictures of the Fisker EMotion

Fisker Inc. recently released some new pictures and videos of their $130,000 fully electric sports car, the Fisker EMotion. The EMotion will feature a 400+ mile range, 9 minute fast-charging time for 125 additional miles, LIDAR for full autonomy, and all wheel drive.  No information yet on the 0-60 mph time but the all wheel drive and battery capacity should propel it in under 5 seconds. The EMotion’s top speed is 161 mph.

According to Henrik Fisker’s official Instagram, the EMotion will utilize a flat, solid state, LG battery pack beneath the cabin.

The car looks very nice from the back, although the front end is a little too snake-like.  It looks like a literal cobra, not a Shelby Cobra, the car has snake eyes and a tongue sticking out of the faux grill.

Fsiker EMotion

The California company, Fisker Inc. has a partnership with Hybrid Shop and their nationwide network of service and maintenance for all hybrid (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV).  This is good, as the earlier range extended hybrid from Fisker, the Fisker Karma, was plagued with maintenance problems. Hopefully Fisker’s first foray into the full battery electric vehicle will simplify things and reduce the amount of problems.Fisker EMotion Side
Fisker Emotion Back

You can reserve a Fisker EMotion for $2000 down and deliveries are expected to start mid-2019.

Video of the First Tesla Model 3, Serial #1

The first Tesla Model 3 has officially been delivered. Here you can see Doug Field, Sr. VP of Engineering, former VP of Product Design for Apple, carefully positioning the Tesla for photographers. The first car off the factory floor is likely to belong to the founder of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk.

Already Tesla enthusiasts are analyzing the 3:33 minute video. They pointed out that the roof looks to be glass and the driver side door has a nice weighty sound to it. Even the phone conversations of the people around the car are being analyzed.

The most important thing is that Tesla has finally begun its affordable mass-production electric car campaign, and people are very excited about the prospect of a realistic alternative to fossil fuel in the near future.

Tesla Model 3

On the Lucid Air

Lucid Air

On December 14, 2016, Lucid revealed the Lucid Air to the world during a private VIP event in Fremont, California.  Since then, the California based company and its Tesla challenger, the Lucid Air, has been the talk of the high tech electric automotive startup scene.  The fully electric drive cars are not expected to roll out to customers until 2019, so it’s still in the early stages of development.  At around this time there has been a lot of speculation about the price, feasibility, and realism of the idea that it will compete with the Tesla Model S.  However, a lot of media members have been able to get their hands on the early models and go for test drives.  The Lucid Air features impressive digital displays and all of the trappings of a futuristic luxury sedan.  It is equipped with the necessary sensors for automated drive and really utilizes space well in the back and front seats for, well, activities you will have time for when your not really driving.

Lucid recently started a blog to address some confusion about the Lucid Air they call  Clear the Air, the first edition of which they used to elaborate further upon the pricing and features of the Lucid Air:

The Base Lucid Air

The car that we have been showing publicly represents a well-optioned Lucid Air, leading to confusion regarding the price range. Much of the speculation suggests that the starting price of the car will be over $100,000, which is not accurate. The Lucid Air will have a base price of $52,500, after the federal tax credit available to buyers of battery electric vehicles is subtracted. The base model car will be well appointed and enjoyable to drive. It will provide superior comfort, a better user interface, and better performance than comparably priced BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes.

Features of the base Lucid Air include:

  • 240-mile range
  • 400 horsepower (rear-wheel drive)
  • All hardware necessary for autonomous driving
  • Huge interior space in an efficient package
  • Two trunks, one in the front and one in the rear, with a combined storage capacity of over 32 cubic feet (similar to the volume of a 4-person hot tub)
  • 12-way power front seats
  • LED multi-lens array headlights
  • Four screens, with interactive-touch surfaces on three
  • 5-seat configuration with a rear bench seat
  • 10 advanced airbags
  • Aluminum roof
  • 19-inch wheels
  • 10-speaker audio system
  • Over-the-air software updates


Above the base model, there will be a number of available options, as demonstrated by the alpha show car, which will allow the Lucid Air to compete with the best of the large luxury cars. We don’t yet have all of the options and packages ready to announce, but we can give you a sense of what options will be available:

  • 315-mile and 400-mile-range battery options
  • Up to 1,000-horsepower twin-motor configuration, with all-wheel drive
  • Fully active suspension, delivering a world-class ride
  • Glass-canopy roof
  • Rear executive seats that recline up to 55 degrees
  • 22-way power front seats with heating, ventilation, dynamic bolsters, and massage
  • 21-inch Lucid-design wheels
  • 29-speaker audio system with active noise cancellation
  • Expanded leather trim with corresponding material upgrades

A fully loaded Lucid Air will have higher performance, greater comfort, and better efficiency than the current high-end market benchmarks. This unique set of attributes will allow the Lucid Air to compete with the best in the world, across multiple automotive classes. The price of a fully loaded Air will be above $100,000, but we are not yet able to provide specific top-of-the-line pricing.

The Launch Edition

We have also received many questions related to the pricing and features for the 255 Launch Edition cars that will be the first customer cars off of the production line. These cars will be very well optioned as standard and will be priced over $100,000. Expect a 315-mile range, 1,000 horsepower, autonomous driving hardware, 21-inch wheels, and an upgraded audio system for starters. Some features, such as the rear executive seats, cannot yet be confirmed for early production. The Launch Edition cars will also have unique colors and badging, signifying their special nature. Additional details will be announced closer to the start of production.

We hope this post has provided additional insight into the pricing and optional feature strategy for the Lucid Air. We intend to have a car that is competitive in features and price with mid-level luxury vehicles and can also be configured to compete with the best cars in the world across classes.

Reserve your Lucid Air and Lucid Air Launch Edition today.