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Why 2015 Is A Good Year To Buy An Electric Car

Car drivers are always looking for ways to cut down on their motoring costs. Some might drive slower than usual to conserve fuel. While others will opt for public transport where possible to complete their journeys.


When buying a car, consumers have many choices. For example, they could buy petrol or diesel cars. They might even choose a hybrid vehicle. But did you know that electric vehicles are steadily rising in popularity?

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There is much debate over whether it’s a good idea to buy an electric vehicle or not. It turns out that 2015 is an excellent year to buy one. Want to know why? Check out the reasons below:


Road taxes are rising


In many countries, vehicles get taxed according to the carbon emissions their engines produce. That means if you drive around in a V8 gas guzzler, you can expect to pay a small fortune to drive it on public roads.

To curb high-emissions vehicles, many governments increase the price of road tax on an annual basis. So when you drive a car that has no tailpipe emissions, what happens then? Simple – you pay nothing!


It’s no secret that some countries tax cars by engine size rather than emissions. But since electric cars don’t have a conventional combustion engine, there’s no tax to pay.


The public charging point infrastructure is growing


I was chatting to a salesman from pentagon-group.co.uk the other day. He was telling me how many of the world’s major governments are pushing for more public charging stations. I agreed with him, as I have noticed how there are more public charging stations for electric cars.


For example, last week I took a trip down to my local Ikea store and noticed some new parking spaces got installed just for electric cars! Even in shopping mall car parks more dedicated electric car parking spaces are getting installed.


There are financial incentives


Did you know that you can often receive significant discounts by buying an electric vehicle? For a start, the price you pay to your local car dealer will be lower than the list price. That’s because you are usually eligible for a government grant towards the cost of new electric cars.


Some car manufacturers also offer deal-sweeteners too. For instance, let’s say that you want to spend less time charging your electric vehicle at home. You would usually use an ordinary power socket. Some car makers install fast-charging stations at the homes of customers for free!


Others might charge a small, nominal fee towards the cost of your home charging station. And they opt for cover the rest of the installation cost. If you decide to sell your home and move elsewhere, you will need to pay for the facility at your new property.

But having a fast charging station at your existing home can increase the value of your property. The extra money you make from your house sale would more than cover the installation cost at your new home!