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Why You Need to Buy An Electric Car

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When you’re shopping around for your next car, you should give serious thought to going electric. Electric cars are the greener healthier alternative to more regular motors. They also look set to shape the future of automobiles. Many manufacturers are slowly beginning to integrate hybrid models into their releases. And there’s likely to come a time in the future when electric cars will reign supreme.

Here are some of the main reasons why you want to think about getting yourself an electric car:


One of the most compelling reasons you should buy an electric car is because they’re much cheaper than petrol powered cars. Okay, to buy they might cost a similar amount, but the running costs will work out to be much less. Because electric cars don’t run on petrol, they cost a lot less to operate. To run 100 miles on electricity is much less expensive than doing the same journey with petrol. Another major advantage is that you won’t have to deal with the issue of rising fuel costs. Each year it seems like the cost of petrol is on the rise, hitting drivers in the wallet. But if you have an electric car you sidestep this issue altogether, and you end up paying the same price all the time.

Look to the Future

If you’ve given any thought to buying an electric car the time to do it would be now. They will only increase in popularity. And in the future there may come a time when the only cars we drive are electric cars. A time when you’ll be able to visit an automotive retail centre and drive away behind the wheel of an electric car. With the news this month that Apple has started work on an electric car the future looks bright. It won’t be long before electric vehicles become the more popular choice, and their prices climb. Make sure you get one now to prepare yourself for the future of automotive travel.

Less Maintenance

When you have a petrol powered car, one of the biggest pains is the constant servicing and maintenance that’s needed. Well, with electric cars you can wave this problem goodbye. They are cheap and easy to maintain. Our friends at Inchcape Toyota clarified that there are fewer moving parts than on cars powered by gasoline and there aren’t problems with fiddly internal issues preventing the car from working. As long as the battery gets plugged in on charge you should have no issues running the car. Think about how great it would be to not have to make that journey to the service garage every few weeks.


Electric cars are much more environmentally conscious than their petrol powered counterparts. These days it’s important that we all to steps to be a little more green. Looking after planet Earth is something that is high on most people’s agendas, and it should be high on yours. An electric car produces none of those harmful CO2 emissions that play havoc with the ozone layer. As such you don’t have to worry about the harmful gasses you’re pumping into the atmosphere. Sure, the electricity must come from somewhere, but it will be a much less harmful source than petrol.