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Play by Play of 60 Minutes’ Electric Car Episode [VIDEO]

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:25- “The jury is still out on whether electric cars can ever really be practical”

The EV1 and Toyota Rav-4 EV showed us that electric cars could be completely viable alternatives over 10 years ago, using lead-acid batteries.

:58- “This (Tesla Roadster) is the first, all electric sports car…”

C’mon Lesley, you’re better than that. Forget the Venturi Fetish, Hybrid Technology’s LiV Rush, the Wrightspeed, and the Tzero; the Tesla Roadster was the first electric sports car. Why? Because an intern at CBS Googled it.

2:50-Enter Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman of GMBob Lutz

Is it me or could this man talk me out of driving a Ferrari off the lot for 10 grand. He is a terrible spokesman. He just sounds like he would rather be playing with his helicopters, his countless sports cars, and his Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet in German Luftwaffe colors (image right).  It sounds like hes doing this because he doesn’t want to be embarrassed by Tesla, not because he believes in the product.

4:13- “GM is already touting the car even though don’t yet have a working prototype.”

Really, not even a working prototype? GM had EV1’s with 160 mile ranges before they canceled the program.  What happened?

4:25- “The real trick on the car, is software. The car needs to know where home plate is.” -Lutz

Oh, thats the holdup.  The hold up is developing a completely unnecessary amenity that will tell the car how close you are to home.  Use GPS, hook it up to the gasoline activation system, done deal.  Why are they even working on this? If the charge is low, the gasoline extender should just come on regardless of where you are, for safety’s sake.  This is like delaying a trip to Mars because they can’t decide what color to paint the ship.

5:55- “People say, I hope you enjoy the billions you got from the oil companies, you swine” -Lutz

Well, do you?

8:45- Ethanol and hydrogen all had problems, won’t that happen with the electric car?

Ray Lane- “It could.”

Come on man, your selling electric cars. You should have a practiced response to this.  New, cheap, clean, and renewable sources of electricity are being built every day.  Electric cars can run off electricity that is available everywhere.  The infrastructure is already here, as well as the technology; electric cars are the only vehicles that can someday have absolutely no carbon emissions. You cannot compare it to ethanol and hydrogen.  Those were fake solutions to begin with. Why? Because the oil companies want to sell ethanol and hydrogen.

10:20- Yeah, but they (silicon valley) have no experience in the car business…-Lutz

Grasping for straws…