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BG Automotive Starts Essembling Electric Cars

BG Automotive, a young Philadelphia company, has already started assembling low-speed (25mph max) electric vehicles that will be available as soon as, well, now.  The company website states their 4-door hatchbacks will be available “Oct/Nov/Dec 2008”.  The BG NEV will be roughly $16,000. However, it will not be legal in Pennsylvania until the state senate breaks from its election recess and passes Senate Bill 152.  This bill will make low-power cars street-legal in the state.  This Pennsylvania Enquirer clipping has more info. Company owner Barry Bernsten, says their NEV will have a steel body, unlike a lot of other NEVs, so it shouldn’t have trouble meeting safety requirements. If the bill is not passed, BG will have to ship its vehicles out of state. With a lot of states allowing tractors and other farm equipment on their roads, there really is no reason why NEVs should not be allowed.

BG Automotive Group enters the EV fray

Berry Bernstein, a steel wholesaler and entrepreneur out of Philadelphia is planning his new ev business for the 21st century. Bernstein is following the template made popular by many other ev start ups: 1) build local assembly plant and buy workers, 2) import cars from Asia, 3) have workers install batteries and electric motors in cars, 4) Sell. BG Automotive will start with the small stuff: cheap, low speed electric vehicles with a 35 mph top speed. Then they plan to come out with an exclusive highway speed electric vehicle by late 2009. Here is a more in depth article by a Philadephia newspaper. And here is BG Automotive’s website.  Here’s hoping this Pennsylvania company succeeds.