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The Road of the Future

We spend a lot of time here at OnElectricCars.com talking about the innovations of the vehicles on the road, but we neglect to mention what is happening in the pavement itself.  If electric vehicles become more mainstream, there will be numerous opportunities to change the way we drive and fuel up.  Could the road charge itself up with photovoltaics or solar-thermal and recharge moving electric vehicles through induction?  Could intelligent networks drive our cars across the country for us? The infographic below indicates these crazy ideas are possible, and even being tested around the world right now:

The Road to the Future
The Road to the Future – created by the team at Car Loan 4U

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Jay Leno and the 1909 Baker Electric Car

This is my favorite Jay Leno’s Garage, even better than his episode with the Tesla Roadster. It’s inspiring. This is a vehicle that is 100 years old, requires very little upkeep, runs smoothly and silently, and has a 110 mile ev range. The technology has always been there. Even the original batteries still work. I could go on and on; see for yourself: