Official Photo of Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Last August, I posted about the rumors swirling that the Tesla Model S would look the Aston Martin Rapide concept. Then in October, a “rendered speculation” was created that led many to believe the car might look otherwise. But the rendering seemed to deviate from what Tesla spokesmen claimed would be a large four-door hatchback sedan. Also I found it doubtful that the company would build a car with an obvious Asian sportscar influence in the design.

But the Model S peaking out from under the tarp in Tesla’s official teaser photo very much resembles the Aston Martin Rapide.  Right down to the fender side vents.  Obviously, the Model S will look slightly different when it finally unveiled.  But until then, this is probably the best estimate of what the 4-door electric sedan will look like:
Aston Martin Rapide

6 thoughts on “Official Photo of Tesla Model S”

  1. Tesla has let America down. They need to go away now and let the others take the lead:

    These car guys just lie and lie.. Chrysler and GM said “Oh everything will be rosy if you just give us billions in bailout and now we know they fully knew they were going to go bankrupt, they were just hyping it up in order to grab some more cash, Tesla is the same but more. So let me get this right, the Tesla head guy paid GQ magazine to write an article about how arrogant he is and ditched his smart wife and left her with 5 kids for a teenie bopper that he was cheating with and announced a battery deal that was really just an R&D contract and has multiple lawsuits against them by other companies, and may have a car that causes cancer from battery EMF and has created a pool of past staff that write endless blogs about how bad they are and then raised prices because they had no idea how to build a car and lied to the City of San Jose and their customers and applied for their only source of funds without even reading the rules that told them in advance they should never try to build a factory and is trying to sell an insanely expensive car in a depression while every investor has deeply reviewed them and turned them down and Musk won’t even put his money in (of which he has hundreds of millions) and all of their technology has now been superseded by Fisker, Bright and others… ?? … hmmmmmm

  2. Sarah,

    Tesla Motors is not to blame for the recent economic crisis. If anything they should be applauded for continuing their innovative quest to get electric cars on the market during these times. Tesla did not get a bailout And unfortunately, they, like almost every other American company, had to lay people off. That is part of business.

    Also, Elon Musk’s personal life has nothing to do with his business life and I don’t know why you brought that up. Are you his ex?

    Have some patience, these are troubled times for everyone, not just electric car start ups.

  3. “will look slightly different …”

    How about completely similar? Fortunately, I really like the Aston Martin. Unfortunately, the Tesla looks like a high school boy’s doodling of how he’d make the Aston Martin better. That new Tesla logo, the Big “T” is cheapo bling bling.
    The understated elegance of the Rapide is lost in painfully hightech turn signals and a fake side panel vent (again with the cheap looking “T”.) What to do with a split front grill when it’s not needed to take in air for the radiator? Cover it in “eye-catching” metal mesh. Von Holzhausen is too good and far too original to have been responsible. I smell “Tom” as in “Edison” as in Musk. When Elon took over Tesla Motors many of those he ticked off started calling him “Edison” behind his back in reference to the dysfunctional relationship between the original Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Maybe Elon is making his mark with the “Big T” logo.
    Still, since it looks like the Rapide and is pure electric and still is a Tesla (and we’ll never forget how the company got started) I love it.

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