Miles EV gets rid of the grill

Miles XS500

Miles EV

In addition to changing the car’s name from the Miles XS500 to the Miles EV, Miles Electric Vehicles was apparently listening to me when a few months ago, I politely said this car needs a makeover. (I doubt it though) The new model? Well, the digital rendering definitely looks unique. It seems as though they lowered the fenders to give it a sportier look and gave it an aggressive looking snout in the middle of the hood. And, oh yeah, there is no more grill. A grill-less car looks awkward at first, but the change should definitely help the drag coefficient and also give it a distinction that makes it look different from your average Hyundai or Kia, which was my complaint.  So, yeah, I’m satisfied.

The Miles EV will have a top speed of over 80 mph and a 120 mile range.  The EV will be priced between $40,000 to $45,000 before government incentives.  According to the Miles EV site, “With passage of legislation by the US congress in the fall of 2008, ‘Miles EV’ customers will recieve between a $5,000 to $7,500 tax credit for their purchase of the ‘Miles EV'” They still call it the Miles Highway Speed Vehicle on the site. There may also be state incentives.  The Miles EV is targetted to hit US markets in early 2010.

5 thoughts on “Miles EV gets rid of the grill”

  1. What the heck are they thinking? Are they designing cars in photoshop?? None of the lines match up, the colors are off and the perspective doesn’t line up…

    Are they seriously designing cars by photoshopping old images?? I smell a scam…

  2. I saw the “old” front end first and it looked like a car I would buy. But the new one is ugly. You guys just pulled a Subaru. In other words, in trying to look different, you made it unattractive. Go back to the old…

  3. what are they considering when the obvious jumps up and bites them
    common senslessly? are folks prepared to stay in motels over night while
    the whiz bangmobile gets a fill-up of electrons from only God knows where?
    you see. some of us from the habits of yesteryear, do still enjoy driving
    cross country to see granny every year.
    i dare say , driving in our new whiz bangmobile to see her , could and most
    likely would, get ugly real hurriedly!

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