Update on the Lightning GT

The Lighting GT was Great Britain’s answer to the Tesla Roadster in early development, and now the Model S in 2013. However with the current exchange rate the GT is going to set wealthy patrons back about a quarter of a million dollars or 150,000 British pounds. The electric supercar is hand built in Coventry, with 90% of the parts sourced from Great Britain. Right now, they are building 20 vehicles to the specifications of future owners.

The Lighting GT uses a unique battery technology, Lithium Titanate, with two different storage capacity configurations, 36 or 44 kWh, giving the vehicle a range of 120 or 150 miles. The batteries can be fully charged using a fast-charger in about 2.5 hours. The twin 150 kW electric motors power the back wheels, capable of pushing the supercar from 0-60 MPH in 4.5 seconds.

The body of the GT is made of carbon fiber with a lightweight aluminum honeycomb chassis. Interior and exterior are built to the specifications of the owner.  Like anything in life, you can let your imagination run wild, if you have the funds.

Pre-orders are available now.

Lightning GT interview

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  2. At last, an electric car with style, grace, zero pollution and 90% British. Lightning GT is the cutting edge of future road vehicles.

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