Lightning GT to be Unveiled in UK

Lightning GT

The Lightning GT will be displayed at the British Motor Show on July 23. Some say the Lightning GT is simply the British version of the Tesla Roadster, however besides costing over twice as much, the GT has a few other key differences.

1) According to Chris Dell, the managing director of Lightning, the car should be roomier than the Tesla. Even though it is a two-seater as well.
2) There are 4 electric motors at each wheel, as opposed to the Tesla Roadster’s single motor driving the back wheels. This is the same concept that is utilized in the Eliica. This means no axle or drive shaft is necessary and you have all-wheel drive, all the time.
3) The batteries are dispersed around the car to give it optimum weight balance, instead of putting them in one big box like the Roadster.

Both the Roadster and the GT claim 0-60 times of about 4 seconds, hopefully this will be resolved on the track someday in the near future.

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