Lightning GT promises 10-minute recharge

Lightning GT

-Provided you have an industrial strength outlet. But the Lightning GT was unveiled at the London Motor Show this summer, and boy does it look mean. With four at-the-wheels electric motors, the vehicle puts out 640 bhp, propelling it from 0-60 in 4 seconds with a top speed of 130 mph. The 30 Nanosafe batteries should provide a 180 mile range and weigh around 400kg. These batteries employ a new lithium-ion technology that replaces graphite with a titanite-based material to make them more thermally stable. The price could be comparable to the Tesla Roadster, but with exchange rates going the way they are, the GT will probably be around 200,000 USD. The car is still on schedule to be released in 2009. Here’s the Lightning GT’s London Motor show debut:

Well, I’m certainly looking forward to the UK’s answer to Tesla.

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