Hybrid Technologies seems to have everything

Hybrid Technologies

Electric Supercar? Check.
Lithium-Ion technology? Check.
Highway Speed EVs? Check.
100+ mile range? Check.
Several models? Good 0-60 acceleration? Available now? Cool electric motorcycle? Everything looks good.

If all that wasn’t enough, the company is based in heartland USA: Mooresville, North Carolina. Hybrid Technologies is starting to generate some buzz as it made an appearance on the today show a couple weeks ago. And on the radio a month ago, talking about Senator McCain’s $300 million challenge to create an ev with a 300 mile range. Can’t let McCain forget about that. I could care less if he gets elected, he better put his money (government’s money) where his mouth is if someone accomplishes that goal.

Anyways, Hybrid Technologies offers highway capable Mini Cooper, Smart Car, Toyota Yaris, and PT Cruiser conversions that sport 0-60 times under 10 seconds, similar to the standard gasoline powered versions. The only real hookup I have with the company is that the prices are just out of realistic range for those of us who are not environmental fanatics, but want electric vehicles for economical reasons. Hopefully with time, investment, technological innovation, and larger scale operation, Hybrid Technologies will offer a fair alternative for the rest of us.

You can get this for under four grand though.

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