Cambodia Unveils the Angkor EV 2013

Cambodia has unveiled a pretty cool looking little EV with scissor doors.  But with a top speed of 60 Km/hour (37 mph), it’s no Lamborghini Murciélago. The Angkor EV probably has a little pep accelerating to that top speed, but obviously there is no 0-60 time yet. The manufacturer claims the two-door can travel 300 km or 186 miles between charges, which is really not bad for a cheap little e-car.   At a price point of $10,000, it might be a solid economic choice for those that only do urban driving. But I must say, the doors are kind of funny way to pimp this affordable, eco-ride.

Cambodia’s Heng Development Company has branded the EV the  Angkor, after the Angkor Wat Hindu temple, and powerful Civilization world wonder if you are into Sid Meier’s strategy games. Below is a peek into Cambodian English news special, where you can see the Angkor EV’s scissor doors in action, while driving, oddly. Does anybody remember “ghost riding the whip?”


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